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Da Utero Care the brainchild of Dr Jitendra Ahire, offers extensive treatments in the fields of gynecology and obstetrics with over a decade of experience with regards to women anatomy. our state of the art centre is known for its excellent preliminary diagnosis and advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

Since Da Utero Care's inception, we have cured many patients in our specialized areas and have been appreciated for our efforts in curing them with smiling faces.

We believe in offering the highest quality and affordable healthcare treatment to women because we believe "She Matters".


Gynec Laparoscopy

The best alternative to open surgery is a laparoscopy. A Gynec laparoscopy is a procedure performed by making very small incisions in the abdominal area then performing diagnosis using a light telescope and if required performing a procedure using miniature instruments. As it is a minimally invasive method there are various benefits when laparoscopic methods are used.


Fertility Enhancing Surgeries

Fertility enhancing surgeries are often performed using laparoscopy and has been proved as the best and safe option. Sometimes in women infertility occurs due to anatomical problems, which can easily be cured using Fertility enhancing surgeries. A doctor may recommend surgery after diagnosing the severity of the problem and based on the severity patient can even go home the same day of the surgery.


Gynecologic Oncology Surgeries

In the current era, numerous reports have recommended that if the laparoscopic surgeries are performed by highly skilled individuals it is the safest option available. Thus this is one of the result oriented surgeries for patients with ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers. In Gynecologic oncology minimal invasive surgeries have served great importance in the treatment of a woman with Gynecologic cancers.


Laparoscopic Gynec Urosurgery

Most of the Gynec urologic procedures require large incisions to be made with lengthy hospitalization, keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery through laparoscopy have abundant advantages. The patients who have undergone the surgery using this method have experienced the benefits with respect to recuperation and postoperative pain.




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